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The Federal Debt Plan currently being discussed on Capitol Hill will most certainly have an impact on your financial future.  The question is, how much will you be affected?  Most of us will feel the pain in the form of higher interest rates.  Interest rates have been historically low for the last couple of years making it easier (and cheaper) for many Americans to purchase homes, autos, and other consumer goods. This benefited the overall economy by stimulating sales cycles and preventing stagnation.  Like most economic conditions however, this trend cannot last forever. We can also expect to see thousands of people loosing their jobs as Federal spending cuts draw back on special projects.

On the eve of the ratification of the Federal Debt Plan, citizens are once again on the edge of economic uncertainty.  There has perhaps never been a more important time to get your financial house in order in preparation of this impending uncertainty.  I have made my book “The 101 All-Time Best Quotes About Finding Financial Success” available for just $.99 on and Barnes & Noble.  This could be the best investment you’ve ever made.  The timeless lessons in this book will help you put your financial future back on track!

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