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Our passion and mission at The Family Guide To Finances is to educate younger generations in order to empower them to take responsibility for their own financial management.  Our schools, and in many cases our parents, do not do an adequate  job of educating our youth about fiscal conservation, saving money, the importance of liquidity, leverage, credit management etc.  Unfortunately for our youth, the fundamental principals of financial literacy have taken a back seat to other (and perhaps less important) issues.  The result has been that we are a society up to our eyeballs in debt and illequipped to manage our own finances.

Financial literacy has become a very personal and individual responsibility and our future generations need to take it upon themselves to become financially educated rather than relying on external influences such as public school systems.  
In an effort to create awareness of this very real problem, I am writing a Financial Management series called The Family Guide To Finances“ and have already published an Ebook called The 101 All-Time Best Quotes About Finding Financial Success available for .99 at Amazon and B&N.
Please let me know if I can help or if you have had success in educating people about their finances.
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